Duct Doctor USA of Florida provides commercial indoor air quality services to any size facility. From a downtown office building, health care facilities, and large industrial plants, we have it covered. We ensure a NADCA Certified A.S.C.S. on every project performed by our team. This allows us to maintain all cleaning methods preformed adhere to the standards and guidelines set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.


Duct Doctor USA of Florida offers professional, award winning service for residential duct cleaning! We send two uniformed technicians to your home. On arrival, you’ll immediately notice our patented truck system in the driveway. One of the technicians will begin to run a series of heavy duty hoses to connect our truck to the homes duct work. This avoids us bringing large cumbersome vacuums and equipment into the home. Once the truck is operating, the duct work is under negative pressure or suction.

The second technician is removing and covering vent covers, and prepping the home for the air duct cleaning. They will then insert the high-velocity air sweeper in the duct-work, which acts as an agitation device to dislodge any dirt and debris from the ducts. They will use a high pressure blasting tool to move the dislodged dust and debris to the truck’s hose. This positive pressure gives our vacuum additional power to remove the dust and debris.

We perform this “Source Removal” process on both the return air and supply air of your duct work to ensure all debris and contaminants are removed from the duct system.

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